Reasons to Lay Decorative Concrete on Your Property

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Outdoor living spaces, such as a patio, add to the enjoyment of a property. Plus, they give you a chance to get creative and personalise your garden. One amazing material to consider is decorative concrete. Here are some reasons to choose this paving material for your home.

Design Your Dream Paving

Have you ever seen beautiful stone paving in a photo and wished you could have it in your backyard? The problem is that it may be hard to source that particular rock species. Or it may be ultra-expensive, even if you can find similar pavers. However, with decorative concrete, you can mimic and create any look you wish, even exclusive and rare paving. You can simply copy your favourite designs.

Contractors use stamps while the concrete is still wet to mould it with texture. They apply colours at different stages to replicate any colour scheme. For example, they could mix pinky-tan colouring into the cement before pouring it to give the paving a base colour. They can then apply dry shake colours, release agents and stains in darker chocolate and grey tones to mimic the marbling of stone.

The array of stamps is vast, so you can choose different textures and paver patterns. Plus, the colour options are endless as well. There's no need to simply wish you could have a specific paving style in your home. You can recreate it with concrete.

Long Term Investment

While you probably want to enjoy a beautiful backyard now, you probably also want any upgrade to be an investment in your property in the long term. Decorative concrete offers this because it will last for many years once you lay it. Simply seal it as recommended by your concrete company to protect it from the elements. It won't need much upkeep from you besides cleaning it with a garden hose or sweeping with a broom to remove debris.

Create Harmony Around Your Property

Decorative concrete allows you to create a harmonious environment around your property. Sometimes, what's vital about matching colours is picking up their undertones. Your house's walls may be beige, but beige can have yellow, red or green undertones. With decorative concrete, the contractors can select from a multitude of shades to perfectly match the paving with your house and the landscape. Pre-cut products, such as stone pavers, already have their own shades, which you can't customise as you can with concrete. So you may not be able to create such a polished and unified impression.

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