Why You Should Hire a Professional Slipform Contractor for Your High-Rise Construction Project

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Slipform concrete is undoubtedly revolutionising the construction industry across Australia. Slipform equipment operates efficiently and quickly to produce interminable cast-in-place concrete moulds that dry into superb finishes. Consequently, this promotes increased productivity and low turnaround time, with exceptional cost-saving advantages over traditionally formed concrete.  

However, always remember that operating a successful slipform project goes beyond choosing the ideal equipment and technology. Your project requires the skills, expertise and know-how of experienced slipform contractors, especially when building extensive concrete structures. Here are three reasons why: 

They Use a Single Mould Setup 

When you opt to use slipform construction, your contractor doesn't require multiple mould setups once the project commences. Instead, the contractor can design your slipforms to appear like completed structures. Consequently, this helps achieve precise and elaborate finishes, which minimises project timelines. 

Additionally, slipform contractors select and analyse various slipforms to determine their durability and suitability for high-rise structures. Consequently, this helps eliminate any concerns related to future amends or repairs that might be costly.  

They Guarantee a Smoother Finish

A common concern for most building contractors is the overall quality of the finish when employing traditional concrete moulding techniques. However, slipforms allow the designing of structures that are imperfection-free 

Slipform contractors will use techniques that remove the need to rework the project by ensuring smoother and perfect finishes. Conventional concrete moulding techniques often introduce finishes that need reworking. As a result, this causes significant delays in project delivery. 

They Offer Easier Slipform Setup 

Traditionally, building contractors had to pre-mould the required concrete pieces and wait for them to cure before moving them to the construction site. Practically, these processes were highly time-consuming and uneconomical. However, slipform contractors can quickly apply concrete moulds on construction sites anytime they want. In turn, your construction project will commence without delays related to transportation concerns. 

Furthermore, slipform contractors can significantly shorten the construction timeline because everything is completed onsite. Besides, this gives contractors more time to focus on other essential aspects of the project as they wait for the concrete moulds to cure. In turn, there is no stalling, which, in turn, speeds up the construction process. 


Slipform construction provides excellent results for any construction project. However, it's imperative to work with reputable slipform contractors with a wealth of experience dealing with slipforms and adhering to the required installation procedures. That, in turn, guarantees high-quality results that are highly durable and cost-effective. 

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