3 Good Reasons to Build Your Concrete-Wall Warehouse with Pre-Stressed Wall Systems

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The construction industry has come a long way since the days when all construction work could only be done at the construction site. These days, industrial structures like warehouse buildings can be built in record time and without much hassle thanks to the availability of innovative concrete construction systems like pre-stressed walls. These walls are pre-stressed so as to provide maximum strength while minimising wall thickness.

If you want to build a new concrete-wall warehouse and you are contemplating building with pre-stressed wall systems, it is important that you learn about the perks that come with this construction system. Read on below to find out a number of key benefits that you stand to gain.

Speed of installation

The most notable advantage of this construction system over traditional site-built walls is the faster speed of installation. Unlike site-built concrete walls, pre-stressed walls are made as per the exact requirements of the project at hand at an off-site location and then are delivered onsite for final assembly. As these walls are delivered to the job site in ready-to-erect form, the need for wet trades is eliminated, thus leading to faster completion of the project. And, as it is often said: time is money — building with pre-stressed wall systems is a more cost-efficient option compared to traditional concrete construction techniques.     

Structural strength

As pre-stressed walls are made in a controlled environment, they can be easily designed to match the exact needs of the project at hand. The final product is a robust, hardwearing material that can withstand the extremes of the elements. What is more, the material strength of pre-stressed concrete is unaffected by weather conditions such as rainy weather, which may compromise the quality of poured-in-place (site-built) concrete wall systems. As a result, pre-stressed walls offer superior structural strength.

Design flexibility

Pre-stressed wall systems may be erected vertically or horizontally based on the specific requirements of the project at hand. In addition to that, these wall systems can be removed to be installed elsewhere in order to meet changing situations. These qualities make pre-stressed wall systems an extremely versatile choice of construction material for your warehouse construction project.

If you are convinced that pre-stressed wall systems are a perfect choice for your warehouse building project, you should contact a concrete contractor to discuss your specific construction needs. They will help you find a product that's right for your particular application.