Concreting Floors for Everyday Living

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Looking for a low-maintenance floor material that creates high impact? Well, you might want to reach out to a concrete contractor for your flooring needs.

Concrete floors are beautiful, heavyweight in nature and have an extremely long memory. Although long consigned to commercial spaces and finished basements, concrete is making a well-deserved inroad into residential homes and for good reasons.  Here's why:


A concrete floor will live and age with you. When treated and properly installed, concrete is one of the world's most durable flooring material. When properly cared for, your concrete floor should last a life time. Very few flooring materials have the longevity offered by concrete.

Easy care

There are many reasons why concrete flooring is gaining popularity in residential property one being that it does not require as much attention as other types of hard-surface flooring materials. The only maintenance your floor will require is a weekly sweeping or dust mopping with soapy water.


Concrete gives you the freedom of installing any floor surface covering that you'd like to go with the style of your home. Although a concrete flooring rarely calls for a replacement, you are by no means stuck with the floor, in case you no longer like the performance of your floor or you're just looking for a change. Just call in a concrete contractor to cut the concrete floor for replacement.

Concrete makes a practical flooring choice since it requires no commitment and you can easily refinish it to change the appearance. Its boundless versatility allows you design freedom going forward.


Concrete is a more economical option in comparison to other flooring materials such as vinyl, hardwood or laminate. However, the cost per square metre will defer based on your home's total area as well as your preferred outcome.

Also, if your house has an already existing slab, you will only require to polish or seal your concrete which will dramatically reduce the cost of your flooring.


For homeowners with an already existing concrete slab, concrete can be a sustainable flooring option. An already existing slab eliminates the need to consume new materials. All that is required is a sand down and to polish or seal the floor.

Sophistication & Aesthetics

A polished concrete flooring provides your space with a pleasant visual appearance. Polished concrete has smooth, high-gloss look that provides finesses and sophistication to a space. Also, the glossy appearance resembles a polished stone due to its ability to reflect light in a very pleasant manner.