Why Exposed Aggregate Works for Your Pool Area

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Years ago, homeowners relegated concrete flooring for functional rather than beautiful flooring. Therefore, it would mainly be used for applications such as the driveway and the garage. In recent years, with the advancements made in the concrete industry, more homeowners are finding that this material can add a unique and attractive touch to their home. One of the decorative forms of concrete flooring that you could use to boost the kerb appeal of your residence is exposed aggregate. This type of flooring, which is composed of pebbles, concrete and sand, is strong while also attractive to look at. The following are reasons why exposed aggregate would work great for your pool area.

Exposed aggregate is highly customizable

Although the base materials that go into the creation of exposed aggregate is cement, sand and pebbles, this does not translate into a bland or uniform surface. If you like unique design elements in your home, exposed aggregate would be a perfect option for your taste. Firstly, you have a broad range of choices to choose from when selecting the aggregate, so you do not have to limit yourself to pebbles. Secondly, your concrete contractors can incorporate pigments to the mixture to come up with bold or subtle colours for your flooring. Lastly, the texture of the exposed aggregate can vary from being extremely tactile to smooth and even.

Exposed aggregate can withstand heavy foot traffic

Your pool area may not get high traffic all year round, but it will experience a significant amount of usage during the summer. If you enjoy entertaining guests at this area, you would be best advised to invest in flooring that would be able to keep up with the abuse that it will be exposed to. Exposed aggregate is one of the strongest flooring materials because it is made of two layers. The under layer is the subflooring, which would typically be made from concrete. The top layer that contains the aggregates is also mixed with concrete, giving it additional fortification. Therefore, by installing exposed aggregate, you can rest assured you will not require consistent repairs due to high usage.

Exposed aggregate is easy to care for

Most people will assume that if flooring is visually appealing, it means that it will require intensive maintenance to stay attractive. Although this may be true with materials such as timber, it is not the case with exposed aggregate.  As long as you have the flooring sealed on a regular basis, it will stay protected from prolonged water exposure from the pool. Moreover, the sealant makes the flooring impermeable so dirt will not become absorbed into the concrete.