Why You Should Consider Installing a Stormwater Pit Cast from Concrete

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If the stormwater running off from your private property is not properly managed, then it can cause problems both onsite and offsite. As a home owner, it is important that you put in place measures to manage stormwater runoff from your property and minimise its environmental impact. As part of your stormwater management plan, you should install a stormwater pit. Precast concrete stormwater pits are popular among designers and installation contractors due to the numerous essential benefits that they have to offer.

Read on below to learn about some of the notable advantages you stand to gain by installing a stormwater pit cast from concrete on your residential property.


If you are looking to install a stormwater pit that can stand the test of time despite constant exposure to heavy water flow, a precast concrete pit would be a great choice. Compared to poured concrete products, precast concrete pits exhibit superior quality and performance thanks to fact that they are made under factory-based conditions. The ability to control the production environment allows concreters to make pits that can bear up well against the extremes of normal use. Hence, you can be sure that your stormwater concrete pits will remain intact storm after storm and year after year while requiring little maintenance attention. A stormwater pit that is long-lasting and demands little upkeep is ultimately cost efficient.


Precast pits come in a variety of sizes, but they can also be made to order. The dimensional accuracy with which these pits can be cast allow concreters to make a wide range of products no matter how complex the design may be. In addition, multiple penetrations can be incorporated into precast pits to serve as connection ports. These pre-formed penetrations, also known as knockouts, can be 'knocked out' at the desired locations to accommodate a variety of drain pipes available in different shapes and sizes.


While your stormwater pit is not meant to hold all the stormwater that runs off on your property, it should be as large as possible so as to effectively minimise the environmental impact of the run-off. Unlike alternative stormwater pits such as plastic pits, which are limited in size because of limitations of dimensional tolerances, precast concrete pits can be built to provide huge capacities that can handle heavy use quite easily.

Your precast stormwater pit should be installed by an authorised installer to make sure the system is installed properly the first time.