What To Do About Building Demolition Noise To Avoid Disrupting The Neighbours

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Building demolition projects can be quite noisy. This noise can be disruptive to your neighbours, and more so for those whose homes are in very close proximity to yours. Fortunately, there is quite a bit that you can do to make things a lot easier on your neighbours. Here is a look at the top 5 things to keep in mind as you plan for and go about your building demolition project.

1.    Let Them Know

Make a point of doing the courteous thing and let your neighbours know in advance about scheduled building demolition work. For that neighbour who works from home, they can get noise-cancelling headphones or choose to work from somewhere else.

Be sure to inform them about which hours the crew will be on-site and how long you expect the demolition project to take.

2.    Watch The Work Hours

The contractor can schedule for the noisiest of demolition tasks to be undertaken during the day. Most of your neighbours will no doubt be at school or work at this time. If the crew is working day and night, then the less noisy tasks can be carried out at night and over the weekend when people are home.

3.    Use Low-Noise Equipment

Talk to your contractor about using demolition equipment that is rated as low-noise. Such equipment does not produce as much noise, and they are excellent options for building demolitions in an urban area where the homes are so close to each other.

4.    Use Of Less Noisy Methods

Experienced building demolition experts have mastered how to go about different demolition tasks and not produce too much noise while at it. If there is a less noisy method of performing a particular task, then that's the alternative to go with on your project.

5.    Do It All At Once

Another great strategy that your building demolition contractor will employ is by queuing up the noisiest of activities and doing them at the same time. It will be very noisy, but only for a while until those activities are done away with and it's onto more quiet tasks.

From choosing one type of equipment over another to using specific methods, an experienced demolition expert will have more than just a few ideas about noise control. As you tear and rip apart your home and bring it down, you don't have to rip apart the relationship you enjoy with your neighbours on account of the noise.

Reach out to a demolition service to learn more.