Is Your Home Brickwork in Need of Repair?

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If your home needs some attention to the exterior then in some cases you could simply consider repainting the walls but sometimes you will need to arrange for brick restoration or some other repair work to stop the property from deteriorating further. If you have cracked bricks, a damaged lintel or cracked concrete then you must find a repair company without delay. The longer you leave it before attempting repair, the worse the damage to the integrity of your property. Here are two ways that a brick restoration company could help restore your home.

Cracked bricks

Damaged bricks don't improve the appearance of your home but they could also be a sign of far more than cosmetic damage. If you have a crack in the wall of your home, then the structural integrity of your building could suffer. There are lots of reasons that your bricks could crack. The damage could be the result of environmental conditions, straying tree roots or defective foundations. Whatever the reason for the damage, a good brick restoration company will be able to strengthen and restore the brickwork and repoint the mortar so that it not only looks good but matches well with your existing mortar rather than making it obvious where the repair has taken place.

Defective lintels

Sometimes it is not the brickwork but the lintel over your fireplace or doorway that is giving cause for concern. A lintel is normally loadbearing and carries the weight of the wall so if it starts to fail you cannot afford to ignore it. Lintels are often made of steel which will start to rust if moisture reaches it. Rust makes the lintel expand and potentially damage the wall which surrounds it, which is why signs of a defective lintel could include cracking brickwork as well as rust stains under the lintel.

Instead of seeking to repair an old lintel, it makes sense to replace it entirely with a new, galvanised lintel that will last for years. Once the replacement is made the repair team can engage in brick restoration and return the wall to great shape as well.

If your home has a damaged lintel, needs brick restoration or has any other form of damage to the walls then a brick restoration company will be able to assist you with whatever repairs may be necessary. Call them today and find out how they can fix your home.