How an Exposed Aggregate Driveway Can Reveal Your Personality

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If you like to stand apart from others and stamp your personality on everything that you do, then you will want to extend this trend to your home and garden. You may already have a very nice home and have personalised it accordingly, but you may want to create an additional impression when your visitors arrive. In this case, you can tailor your driveway by using a specific type of material during its construction. Why should you think about using exposed aggregate to really impress your guests?

Standing Out

As you undoubtedly know, you could choose asphalt or concrete and create a perfectly usable and good-looking driveway. Yet, it would probably look like the approach to your neighbour's property, and would hardly be a unique statement.

Original Mix

If you choose to use exposed aggregate, however, you can pick its colour and texture and certainly come up with something original. This type of solution is made from many different materials and can include crushed stone, quartz, basalt, granite and even recycled glass to create an almost endless array of hues and patterns.

Environmentally Friendly and Locally Sourced

A lot of the material included in such a mix is recycled, and if you have one eye on the environment, this may be an even better approach. You will be able to get these materials from local sources and talk with your contractor so that you can come up with an appearance that blends in well with the rest of your property.

Practical and Safe

This type of solution is practical as well, however. It's very durable and even though the surface has a polished appearance, its slip-resistant. You will find that it has a good "purchase" and will be perfectly safe even when wet, so your arriving visitors will always be safe.

Continuing the Theme

If you prefer, you can continue the theme all around your home and even out to the patio or pool area. Your contractor can lay the same product in all of these areas, so you have a seamless theme to be proud of.

Choosing Your Configuration

When you choose the configuration of your mix, you will be able to pick aggregate in a variety of different sizes. The shape of each piece will determine the eventual outcome, and you should work closely with your contractor so that they can specify the right mixture when ordering the raw material.

Trendy Solution

Have a closer look at this option if you want to stamp your personality on the project and make a great impression. Exposed aggregate is now a very trendy solution, and you will want to be the first to make such a statement in your community.

To learn more about exposed aggregate, reach out to a local concrete contractor.