Reasons to Install a Concrete Patio in Your Yard

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If you're looking for a paving material for your patio, why not install concrete? Consider the following reasons for this paving.


Concrete allows you to personalise the patio as contractors can create diverse textures and colours to create any look you describe. For example, they can mix pigments into the cement before they pour it into the area. They can also apply stains and dry shake hardeners that create swirls, patterns and multi-tones. Additionally, the cement can be textured with moulding stamps pressed onto the surface before it hardens.

With a combination of these techniques, concrete can mimic many other substances, such as slate or travertine pavers, at a more economical price than actual natural stone. With stone, you can only choose from available colours. You can't create their colours and textures like you can with concrete.

Prevents Weed Growth

A patio exists to promote enjoyment and relaxation, not to generate excess weeding tasks. Concrete forms a continuous area that doesn't allow weeds to sprout. Thus, you can forget about such a tedious task and enjoy the space. Conversely, pavers let weeds grow along the joins. 


Concrete forms durable paving that lasts for many years. It can bear heavy loads and withstand elements such as rain, sun and hail. To preserve your concrete, make sure to seal the paving as recommended by experts.


Decorative concrete also provides safe flooring. The textures increase grip and offer extra traction. Contractors can also apply anti-slip products to make the paving even more secure. Thus, regardless of the weather, you and your family and friends can enjoy the patio safely.

Allows for Cohesive Property Design

Concrete allows you to create a cohesive property design because you're in control of its colours and textures. You can repeat a look in other areas. For example, you could construct a gorgeous retaining wall that exhibits complementary hues. Another idea is a meditation garden.

For variety, you can shake up the design while maintaining consistency. For instance, if the patio consists of golden-beige faux pavers with a grey-blue border, you could repeat the colours differently. Alternatively, you could construct a pathway that jumbles beige and blue-grey faux pavers randomly. You could also build some custom concrete furniture that perfectly blends with the paving.

Further, you can extend the theme indoors by installing polished concrete flooring and adding gravel aggregates in similar colours to the patio hues. The possibilities are virtually limitless as concrete is such a versatile material. Contact a concrete service for more information.