Benefits of Decorative Concrete for Your Patio

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If you're looking for attractive paving for your patio, you'll have plenty of options. You could go with versatile decorative concrete because you can alter it in endless ways. Consider the following benefits of this paving option.

It's Durable and Low-Maintenance

There's no point in spreading lovely materials around the garden if you have to spend many weekend hours maintaining them. Fortunately, decorative concrete virtually looks after itself so long as you seal it regularly as recommended. It withstands harsh weather and elements, enduring for years. All concrete paving requires is an occasional sweep or blow to remove leaves or a spray with the garden hose.

You've Got Design Options

You can create any look with decorative concrete, which can be imbued with colours and textures that mimic natural stone, brick, and timber. To produce these effects, contractors press stamps or moulds onto the concrete before it hardens. These stamps are available in many designs to emulate particular species of rock and wood. For example, you could lay faux travertine, limestone, or railway sleepers using decorative concrete. The moulds also mimic paver patterns such as herringbone, basket-weave, and ashlar designs.

There Are Many Colour Possibilities

Of course, for concrete to emulate stone and wood, it needs to exhibit naturalistic colours and textures. Organic substances typically combine shades. For example, slate shows blue, grey, and tan rather than a uniform colour. Concreters can mix techniques to achieve this variation. They can add a base colour and top it with accents and nuances of distinct tones. If you want to harmonise the paving with natural elements such as a rock garden, the concrete can echo those specific organic shades.

It Covers Large Expanses

Decorative concrete is ideal for the entire garden, as you can alter its colour and texture at different points to organise the space. For example, designate one part of an expansive terrace as the dining area and use grey/blue shades. Then, on other parts of the patio, change the hue to beige. Contractors have total colouring control to organise the space any way you specify. They can even design a faux rug under an outdoor dining table.

It's More Affordable

While you can customise concrete to mimic materials like granite or travertine, your decorative concrete will be more economical. So you can appreciate luxurious paving as you lounge on your space, knowing that you got a good deal and paid less than you would have if you had laid stone pavers.